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Test Shoot Models Wanted

As part of our commitment to continually improve our product, Castle Photo Art periodically will schedule test shoots. These shoots are often referred to as TFP shoots, or Time for Prints. The photographer will conduct a photo session free of charge to the model. In exchange for the model’s time the photographer gets the rights to use the photos in their portfolio and experiment with or perfect new techniques. The model in exchange for their time get free photos they can use in their own portfolio, social media posts, dating profile, or any other need they may have.

Castle Photo Art invites anyone interested in modeling for a TFP shoot to apply. We need models of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes. Models will be selected based on studio and session need. There is no guaranteed time frame for TFP shoots to be scheduled, and no guarantee all models will be selected. Models will be selected in order of need and not order of application date. 

What are you waiting for! Apply now! 

Test Shoot Application
Fun- Fresh-Shoots

Generous Compensation

In exchange for your time Castle Photo Art generally provides around 75+ edit images on any given shoot. Plenty of great shots to choose from to add to your portfolio.

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Easy to work with

Castle Photo Art prides itself on being easy to work with both with clients and models. If we're not laughing and having fun collaborating then why create?